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InkStorm - Hand Wash for Fountain Pen Ink


Inkstorm was developed by Blackstone Inks specifically to remove fountain pen ink stains from hands. Fountain pen ink stains can be very difficult to remove from hands because the ink is absorbed into the skin. Inkstorm works by converting the dyes and pigments used in fountain pen inks into a colourless form instead of trying to remove them physically like most cleaners do.

Inkstorm also contains surfactants and very fine, non-abrasive silica particles to assist Inkstorm to penetrate the stain and neutralise the colour. Inkstorm does not contain bleach, solvents, abrasives or any harsh chemicals.


Instructions for Use:

Apply a small amount of Inkstorm directly to the stain and rub vigorously with your fingertips. Work directly on the stain only and do not use it like a normal hand cleaner. Use Inkstorm by itself, don't wet your hands or use water.

Wipe with a clean cloth and repeat if necessary - some inks are more persistent than others and the time to remove the stains may vary quite a bit.

CAUTION: Wash your hands thoroughly afterwards. Inkstorm may have an adverse effect on some materials used to make fountain pens.

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